Monday, August 1, 2011

My Least Favorite Thing About stackoverflow

...when people comment a question with, "I don't know LaTex, but you shouldn't do what you want to do because of (insert totally subjective opinion, such as 'tables look better without vertical lines anyway' here)".

It just makes me want to mod your comment down "irrelevant"! And it happens all the time with the LaTex questions!

And also, for the 2000th time: yes, I realize tex.stackexchange exists. Yes, I realize that the person who asked the question could have answered it themselves with 2 minutes on google and a toy example to play with. But I learn a lot about things I never even thought about when LaTex novices ask easily-googled questions on stackoverflow, so stop with the silly comments! If you can't answer the question, then don't answer it, okay!

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